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Perfect Circle Renewable Energy is a professional cooking oil recycling company, and a leader in this industry in the Atlanta area. Our staff members are experts at removing used cooking oil/grease, as well as grease trap cleaning and maintenance.

At PCRE (Perfect Circle Renewable Energy), we custom build and install oil capturing systems that will fit all of your cooking oil disposal needs and provide custom collection containers and systems that satisfy individual restaurant needs. We also build large custom collection areas, for larger establishments, such as food courts, in central holding areas throughout the Southeast. This consolidation process for larger establishments, the most efficient way to dispose of cooking oil, will save time and reduce liability for tenants and property managers.

Did you know that your cooking oil can help build a better environment and earn you cash? By converting oil to Bio-Fuel, there is a new way to travel down the road. We are the only company in Atlanta that recycles and converts your used cooking oil to B5-B100 Bio-diesel fuel that goes straight to your automobile.

Please visit our page to see our plant and watch our video to learn how this process works and how this can help you and your fleet vehicles. For expert and sanitary service please contact us at

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